Why Choose a Sanding Table from Hocker North America?

 WorkBench Expert Z

The energy saving version of a connection at the main extraction plant or mobile deluster is the sanding table Expert Z 20 or Z 30— with a working width of either 2 or 3 meters. The suction adaptor can be arranged alternatively on the left or right side of the unit. The Expert Z sanding table reduces dust concentration to a minimum. In connection with an automatic blast gate, the suction is only activated when necessary. The moderate volume of the required air saves not only energy, but also reduces the noise pollution during operation.

The Expert Z  features an Ergonomically Designed handle, allowing the table to adjust to the ideal height for the craftsman, promoting a safe work environment for your staff.


Extraction can be done by means of a portable extractor or by the central dust extraction system. The optimal right or left extraction connection allows it to be set up for optimal efficiency. Compact construction ensures it takes up a minimum amount of space, allowing for a lean manufacturing environment. The extensive accessory range means comfort of use and the added benefits of:

  • Mechanical Height Adjustment with a Manual Hydraulic System (Crank Handle)
  • Powered Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Vacuum Tensioning Device (including 2 Suction Plates)
  • Unfolding Supports for Large-Sized Work Pieces e.g.: Windows & Doors


  • The Device Complies with EU Machinery Guidelines and bear the CE-test Symbol
  • Ensures Compliance with the Workplace Exposure Limit
  • Adjustable Workbench Height Means Less Back Strain
  • Work Can be Done Sitting Down
  • The Working Surface is Made of Resistant, Industrial Quality Felt to Protect Workpieces

Cost Effectiveness

  • Low Airflow Means Low Energy Consumption Without Sacrificing Extraction Efficiency
  • Special Accessories Permit Rationalized, Ergonomic Work Procedures
  • The Integrated Control and Connector Panel Includes a Lockable Main Switch, 2 Power Sockets (230V), as well as 2 Compressed Air Couplings, Avoiding Cable Clutter
  • Instead of the Compressed-air-driven Vacuum Generator (compressed air consumptions approx. 50NL/min) an Energy-Saving Vacuum Pump can be Supplied.

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