Why Choose a Dust Collection Unit from Hocker North America?

Clean Choice. Lasting Benefits. 

We specialize in flexibility, offering you a comprehensive system to meet your company’s unique needs. Our Multi Star Dust Collection unit is precisely-adapted to your specifications.

We can supply a variety of housing sizes and versions of the smooth-walled filtration plants, ranging from the compact cartridge  filter to the large filtration plant for air flow volumes of over 600,000 m3/h. The design is always based on an optimized structural module which is ideally suited to your conditions. Whether you are a small workshop or a large industrial plant, Höcker North America offers the perfect configuration of the Multi Star system to meet your shop requirements.

From aluminum chips to zinc dust, from hard polyurethane foam to softwood, from oil mist to welding fumes – Höcker has you covered. We individually specify length, diameter, geometry and cleaning procedures for the filter elements, as well as the discharge of the material.

No matter which model from the MultiStar range you choose – our technology is flexible and ensures reliable operation. Investment costs are low, as are operational costs.

Flexibility & Cost Savings.

The MultiStar adapts to your specific shop specs. By combining the housing modules with six alternative widths from 0.5m to 3m and a large number of possible lengths, each space is used to its maximum potential.

Our sophisticated models and design allows us to manufacture collection housing components in large quantities. The cost savings of this production are then passed on to you. There is no compromise in quality or standards, as our customers always receive top quality technical solutions.

Proven Safety.

The acknowledged German BG-Exam institute for explosion testing has certified pressure shock resistance to our MultiStar. All applicable laws and regulations can be observed properly and safely (ATEX, DIN EN 12779, health & safety regulations – in Germany VDI regulations and regulations of the employers insurance). Furthermore: the explosion vent panels and access doors are also BG-Exam resp. FSA tested and certified.

Always One Idea Ahead.

Our focus is on highly economical, energy efficient and reliable solutions. Our dust collection units are designed and built by highly trained engineers with decades of experience in the field.

During project specification, manufacturing and on site erection, our sales engineers are eager to help. During discussions with you on your site, we identify the most economical and most efficient solutions to the needs of your organization.

The MultiStar works efficiently in terms of economy and ecology: the well designed air flow, dirty-air plenum for efficient separation, a generously dimensioned expansion chamber, and high-quality surface-treated filter media keep the pressure drop as low as possible. That saves energy costs but also increases the suction effect at the same time. There is also problem-free compliance with antipollution as well as occupational health and accident prevention regulations.

Dust Filtration and Discharge Procedures

Crosswise range/Rotary valve

There are MultiStar filtration plants in the crosswise range, in various widths and lengths, with the length being a maximum of three times the width. They are particularly space-saving and cost-effective with very low maintenance costs. Discharge is by gravity via a rotary valve (option) fitted lengthwise underneath the filtration plant.

Lengthwise range/Chain conveyor

The MultiStar lengthwise range is available in various widths and in almost any length. Discharge is via an integrated drag chain conveyor and a rotary valve (option) fitted lengthwise underneath the filtration plant. Strengths are reliability, extensibility and very large filter surface areas.

Stirrer/Sliding bar discharging device

MultiStar stirrer device filters have a square base, and therefore save a lot of space. However, they still make large filter surface areas possible. Material can be buffered in between because of the powerful stirrer discharge unit. If the installation height is low, a hydraulically driven sliding bar discharging device may be integrated as an alternative. Disposal is by optional rotary valve(s) or briquetting press(es). Also available are special versions for material with high apparent density.

Screw Filters

MultiStar screw filters combine the advantages of the lengthwise and crosswise ranges and, depending on the design of the trough screw conveyor, are suitable for particularly heavy materials and tightly compacted or large volumes of coarse materials. In combination with a rotary valve (option) adjusted to the discharge screw the MultiStar screw filters offer many varied possible applications and a very high level of operating safety.

Storage bins

The versions with devices for the filling of bags, chip bins or big-bags are suited to applications with small or medium volumes of material. Various widths and lengths are possible and thus provide a wide range of filters for negative or positive pressure operation.

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