Hocker North America Product Line

Dust Collection

Multi Star Dust Collection Unit at a Glance

Best Possible Product for Dry Separation

  • Individual Filter Elements
  • Versatile Range
  • Modular Design
  • Tested Explosion Protection
  • Proven Structural Stability
  • Minimum Energy Consumption
  • Unrivaled Price-Performance Ratio

Areas of application:

  • Paper and Printing Industry
  • Woodworking Trade
  • Furniture Industry
  • Metal Trades and Industry
  • Recycling Companies
  • Automotive Industry

Mobile Dust Collection Units

Mobile De-Dusters at a Glance

Product Overview

  • Supplied for Practically Any Dry Dust Separation Application
  • Designed for Interior or Exterior Locations
  • Optional Types of Waste Handling Systems, Containers, Rotary Airlocks or Adapted to a Briquette Machine
  • Supplied with On-Board Fire Suppression System
  • ATEX Certified
  • Air Volumes Up to 4,000CFM

Energy Management Systems

Energy Management at a Glance

Product Overview

  • Control Systems Reduce Energy Consumption of Exhaust Systems, Waste Disposal or Paint Mist Exhaust Systems by up to 60%

  • Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives supplied as a standard.
  • Automatic Blast Gates Can be Supplied and Wired into the Main Control Panel
  • Allows the Customer to Mandate the Machinery for Operation
  • When the Gates Shut-Off the Control System will Sense the Signal and Slow the VFD to a Lower Hertz, Allowing for Maximum Energy Savings Throughout the Work Schedule.
  • Entire System is Custom Designed, Integrated and Installed by Höcker North America

Sanding Tables

Sanding Table Units at a Glance

Product Overview

  • Low Airflow Means Low Energy Consumption Without Sacrificing Extraction Efficiency
  • Special Accessories Permit Rationalized, Ergonomic Work Procedures
  • The Integrated Control and Connector Panel Includes a Lockable Main Switch, 2 Power Sockets (230V), as well as 2 Compressed Air Couplings, Avoiding Cable Clutter
  • Instead of the Compressed-air-driven Vacuum Generator (compressed air consumptions approx. 50NL/min) an Energy-Saving Vacuum Pump can be Supplied.

Material Separator Units:

Material Separation at a Glance

Product Overview

  • Six (6) Standard Designs Ranging from 4000-44,000CFM
  • Larger Material is Separated Using Virtually No Pressure at All
  • Fines and Dust Laden Air Pass Through the Separator, Then Down Stream to An Inline Filter System
  • Suitable for Any Type of Waste
  • Works Well in a Continuous Operation of High Material to Air Volumes
  • Suitable for Low Headroom Installations
  • Easy Access and Maintenance

2 Models of Available: Model PMA and Model PMA-U

  • Self-Cleaning Feature to Cut Down on Maintenance and Wear
  • Can be Supplied with Multiple Air Inlets from Various Points in the Plant
  • Can be Designed and Adapted for Virtually any Application
  • Galvanized or Mild Steel Painted Construction

Briquetting Press Unit

Briquetting at a Glance

Product Overview

  • Additional Revenue Through Recycling of Production By-Products
  • Substantial Reduction of Storage and Disposal Expenditures
  • Significant Lowering of Fire & Explosion Risks
  • Environmentally-Friendly Disposal of Dust and Chips

Hocker North America’s hydraulic briquetting presses simplify disposal of metal and cellulose materials, making it economic and safe to dispose of production by-products such as:

  • Paper Dust – Cellulose Materials
  • Wood Shavings and Saw Dust
  • Metal Chips
  • Sanding Dust
  • Forest Chips
  • Dust from Rockwool and other Mineral Materials

Spray, Paint & Sanding Booths

Functional Booths at a Glance

  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Size and Functionality Variations
  • Ideal for a Variety of Industry Applications
  • Customizable to your Shop Specs
  • Efficient Filter Media
  • Longer Filter Life

Core Shredder

Core Shredder at a Glance

Product Overview

  • Easy on & off functionality or can be kept on for continuous operation
  • 120 cardboard cores per hour (3 meters in length)
  • Equipped with feeder- automatically drawing in cardboard cores
  • Feeder has a diameter of 7.5
  • Minimize storage costs by integrating shredded cores into regular disposal costs
  • Frequency 22kW (30 horsepower) motor that drives the cutting unit & avoids start up energy peaks.
  • Frequency controls lower power consumption by 15%
  • Quick amortization rate of approximate 2 year (about 1600 cores/month)

Biomass Boiler Unit

Biomass at a Glance

  • Financially Viable Energy Savings Solutions
  • Reducing, Reusing & Recycling Waste Steam into Energy
  • Converts Waste to On-site Usable Fuel
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Customizable to Shop Specifications