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This is a little excessive and you won’t see this at a typical woodworking company. Pallet makers are a little different as they deal with more green lumber and smaller machines (typically saws) but, still no excuse for not having good housekeeping habits.

Pallet maker cited $188,302 for repeated wood dust exposure

Woodworking Network


BELOIT, Wi. - A Wisconsin-based pallet maker has been cited by OSHA for exposing employees to too much wood dust.

In 2016, OSHA cited Avid Pallet Services for failing to implement sufficient engineering controls to limit dust exposure, as well as for failing to train employees on the health hazards of wood dust. It has now failed a follow-up inspection and has been cited…

Hocker North America Invests in Industry Future


Ada, MI – Investment is the core operating value at Hocker North America. From investing in client success, to clean air and environmental sustainability, to energy management and efficiency, Hocker North America is ready and willing to go the extra mile. 

During the month of December, Hocker North America took on one of their most important investments to date – investing in the future of the woodworking industry. Partnering with the Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab (MILL) in Colorado, Hocker proudly joined forces with one of the most cutting-edge educational programs in the United States. 

The MILL works to educate and train students in the areas of wood manufacturing, cabinet making, and construction. This training provides a proving ground for experienced industry professionals ready and excited to enter the workforce. 

Hocker North America donated a JT350, a mobile dust collection unit. This mobile dust collector is ideal for the program as it continues to grow, expand, and evolve. The machine is one of the most powerful mobile dust management machines offered by Hocker North America. It can be perfectly paired with various CNC machinery. This collector is a re-deployable asset, giving the customer the flexibility needed in a constantly changing environment. The unit also features the ability for continuous operation and an incredible filter bag life. 

“We love investing in projects like this,” says the Hocker family. “It is such a great opportunity and a privilege to invest in the success of students, specifically in our industry. We could not be more excited for this partnership with the MILL.”

Hocker North America is leading the way with over 50 years of experience in the dust collection industry. The Michigan based company provides comprehensive dust collection material handling services to all types and sizes of manufacturers in the woodworking, plastics, and paper industries.


Impressive New Customer Installation

Check out this latest customer install!

We hooked them up with 60,000 CFM SQ 18/6 MultiStar Collector with the choice of a transport fan sending wood waste to (2) sealed containers or a briquetter that will briquette the wood wasted and place the briquettes into a separate container.

The existing system was overtaxed and they were looking for a new collector.

After seeing ugly out-dated tech, they were excited to find one of our customers and see their awesome new system.

They are looking forward to saving money and having a cleaner environment for their workers. They also worked multiple shifts at this facility. With the second shift being a lot fewer people they do not need to run their collectors at 100%, which will save them a LOT of additional money!

14 Day of Filter Installation

Hocker North America has been busy at work installing Dust collection filters across the United States this fall. We’re at 6 filters for the month of October- including this filter right here! It’s been 14 days straight and the team is going strong!

“Ben the Dust guy here. Wow, Saturday, what a day. We’re like 15…14 days straight right now. Just finished rigging this one. We’ve got a separator up top. And there’s the A-Team- taking a break again. It’s no wonder it takes 15 days! Have a good one!”

A Special Thank You from Ben the Dust Guy

Ben the Dust Guy offers a Special Thank You to our Customers, Team Members & Spouses!

“Good morning. Ben the Dust Guy. Look at that- the sunset over Michigan. It’s going to be a beautiful day. We’re Working on a 12 x 6 right now. It’s going over there in the corner on Monday if the rain holds off. It’s going to be our 6th filter for October. We’ve been really blessed this month. It’s great to have great customers and a great product and Frank Hocker over at Hocker Polytechnik- A great company to work with. We have a great crew. Thanks to all the wives out there that put up with us. We have another filter going up next week in Phoenix Arizona. Ryan’s going to be down there with the crew. Things are really doing well. I spent last weekend with one of our first customers, now a business mentor of mine. I spent Sunday and Monday with him going over our numbers, what’s going on in the industry, how the marketing is, and he says we’re doing things well. We really appreciate everyone’s support. Thanks to all of our customers! We know it’s been a really busy summer and we’ve really tried to get after it. And thanks to the guys for putting up with me. And thanks to the wives. Have a great weekend!”

New Hocker America Filter Installation

We’re putting in another new filter! Thanks for keeping the Hocker team busy. We just love days like today- installing a brand new filter for our awesome clients. We even send out Ben the Dust Guy!

Here’s the newest addition to #teamHocker. 

Hocker North America is not only a supplier of top quality energy management and dust collection systems. We work with your company to design a customized solution to meet your unique needs. Call us today to learn how you can start saving money and increasing ROI!